Chris is THE MAN! I went in to see him about a month ago with SEVERE lower back pain. I’m active, do crossfit, and I think I may have just tweaked it doing something. But I was in awful pain! On my first visit, Chris took XRay’s and gave me an adjustment. I went 6 more times over the span of the next 3 weeks, and my pain is GONE! I am a true believer in chiropractic services! Chris is a Magic Worker!

– Cassy B.

Dr. Chris is professional, friendly, and most importantly provides me with the services he says he can. He thoroughly explained WHY he recommends WHAT he recommends, WHAT he can do to help, and HOW he can help. He also gave me a treatment plan and my results have very closely followed the plan. These are increasingly rare qualities in a healthcare provider. I highly recommend him for chiropractic care!

– Monica C.

I wasn’t looking for a new chiropractor but since a close friend kept raving about Dr. Chris, I decided to give him a try since his office is in such a great location for me. I went to him looking for some answers to my unexplained back/shoulder pain. From the first visit, I couldn’t have been more pleased! He is incredibly thorough and takes plenty of time to help you understand what is going on with your body; using adjustments, massage and other methods to take care of you. I have now been seeing him for about 3 months (decreasing in the frequency of visits) and my pain is nearly non-existent now. I am so grateful to not be in constant pain anymore, and now just go for maintenance. He is incredibly knowledgeable about the entire body and I really think of him as a holistic body worker and not just a chiropractor. I highly encourage a visit to Dr. Chris if you are in any state of dis-ease!

– Liz H.

I had the privilege of attending chiropractic college at the same time as Chris. He was always ready to share knowledge and technique tips with myself and others. I was able to observe first hand that he is a man of ethics and integrity. When it comes to his skills as a chiropractor he is top notch. He practices a very specific and effective technique called the Gonstead technique. On my last trip to Reno I took the long route home to the Bay Area just to go see him. If you want a thorough, friendly, and effective chiropractor you need to go see Dr. Chris Pavich.

– Ben J.

Chris is the best – takes the time to be thorough and acknowledges the connectedness of your body, identifying contributing factors to pain and discomfort as well as unique suggestions for supporting your body’s natural well functioning! Very unique service for Tahoe!

– Jenna D.

Are you kidding me?!? Chris is the !!! He doesn’t just abruptly pop your joints and send you on your way… He asks all the right questions to discover what habits could be leading to your pain. Then takes his time to loosen your muscles before putting you back in place! Even goes he extra mile and finds areas that you didn’t know were out. Never change Chris!

– Adam R.

DR. Chris is great! He definitely knows his stuff. I feel really comfortable when he is adjusting me. He’s awesome and I’m so happy he is in town. Won’t go anywhere else now. Thank you!

– Jared B.

What a great guy Dr Pavich is. I was in town from the Bay Area w family and realized that my tweaked shoulder and arm pain was not going away. He got me in the same day and fixed me! I’ve been to a lot of chiropractors, and he is the best. He takes a lot of time to examine you and talk w you to find out exactly what is going on and then adjusts you in a very efficient way. I had never heard of the method with the vertical table that moves but it worked! He wasn’t too rough but also was rough enough to get the job done- I don’t know how else to explain- I’ve been to chiros that I seriously find myself praying they don’t kill me and have also been to those that felt like they did nothing except schedule my next appointment. I am seriously planning my Tahoe trips more frequently and ensuring I always have an appointment w dr Pavich in advance. He also spent time reviewing exercises and posture- felt like a full physical therapy visit yet he didn’t upsell me on any unnecessary tests or procedures. Just seems like a smart, talented and honest guy.

– Amelia S.

As a massage therapist and someone who has seen several different chiropractors throughout my life, I’d have to say I appreciate how specific Dr Chris’s adjustments are. Since he has the ability to take x-ray’s in his office, he knows exactly where your problem areas are and where to focus. I highly recommend his work to anyone who is looking to get better from chiropractic care!

– Julie G.

I’m the owner of a small landscaping company in town so I live a very active life. The physicality of my profession makes it imperative I’m in good physical condition. Chris helped me get there and helps me stay there.

I’ve been going to Chris just about a year and in that time I’ve seen less pain throughout my body and more energy. This summer I had meniscus surgery and was bedridden for a few days. I was stationary and laying down, only getting up to use the restroom and shower, this caused pain in my hips and lower back. After seeing Chris, that night I was able to shower and sleep without pain.

Additionally, during the fall cleaning, I got sick. horrible sinus issues from pollen and mold from the wet leaves and pine needles. I suffered for two days before going to see Chris, after seeing him it was a quick recovery to feeling like myself again.

– Matt H.

Dr. Pavich has been helping me since 2014 and has effectively reduced my neck pain and headaches. He is the most thorough chiropractor that I have ever seen and takes the time to help you understand what is going on with your body so that in addition to appointments with him, you can help yourself at home. He has taken xrays of my back to better understand the ailments I have going on and helped me with a specific treatment plan. I would highly recommend Dr. Pavich.

– Haley M.

I went to Kingsbury Chiropractic today — and it’s the first time in 6 months that I have had full range of motion in my jaw. Dr. Chris Pavich is very gentle and extremely patient explaining all of the x-ray results, techniques, etc. I highly recommend Kingsbury Chiropractic!

– Zina B.

I would like to thank you for your work, which seemed effortless for you. Your treatments have been a miracle for me. After suffering with herpetic neuralgia in my neck for well over a year, I am now pain FREE after just one month of treatment. Quite frankly, I still wake up and can’t believe I am better.

– Penny B.

Very knowledgeable! Has helped me with a major undiagnosed issue I have had for years. Friendly and professional office, highly recommended!

– Desiree D.

Excellent service. Trustworthy. Affordable pricing.

– Jame T.

I went to Kingsbury Chiropractic today — and it’s the first time in 6 months that I have had full range of motion in my jaw. Dr. Chris Pavich is very gentle and extremely patient explaining all of the x-ray results, techniques, etc. I highly recommend Kingsbury Chiropractic!

– Zina B.

Dr. Pavich has helped me alot! He is a very good doctor, with a great personality that makes you feel at ease very quickly. I trust him and I like his methods. I have had alot of relief from my neck and back pain. When I first started going to him my back was very out of alignment, my hip was in alot of pain. He only works on the areas that are out and I really have seen a difference in my daily life. I highly recommend him if you need a good chiropractor.

– Kate K.

Dr Chris helped me when I hurt my lower back after a fall on the ice. He was extremely kind and really knows how to help relieve pain. I would highly recommend his office!

– Linda D.

As I have never been to a Chiropractor before, I was extremely hesitant and a little scared. After meeting Dr. Pavich and talking with him, I learned how passionate he is about his profession and that he treats your whole body – not just crack your back! I have been seeing him for a few months now and honestly did not know I could feel as good as I do. Dr. Pavich is an awesome Chiropractor and I would highly recommend him to all! His office staff are extremely competent and very friendly as well!

– Joan W.

Dr. Pavich, is highly passionate about being a Chiropractor. He truly cares about achieving long term pain relief for each of his patients. I have seen Dr. Pavich on several occasions and each time due to his concern of my well being the pain has been alleviated. He goes above and beyond to make sure his patients are treated with care and concern! Awesome experience every time!

– Erin M.

His office is very inviting and the staff is great. Dr. Pavich went over my concerns in detail. He outlined very clearly what the treatment would be. Dr. Pavich is extremely knowledgeable and professional! I was very impressed with the high level of service he has provided.

– Mayte C.

Dr. Pavich is professional, and knows exactly how to make your back feel better. I am a runner, and had no idea how doing minor corrects in my spine would help me. He’s quick and direct. I am glad to have Dr Pavich assist me on achieving utmost health.

– Amanda E.